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Dennis Kimbro to keynote the Perfect Partner Symposium for local business owners

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Dennis Kimbro

Kimbro is the author of Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice

Kimbro is the author of Think & Grow Rich: A Black Choice

I Won’t Starve, LLC presents The Perfect Partnership Symposium, Wednesday, March 25, 2020, 8:30 am - 4:00 pm at R2i2. The Perfect Partnership Symposium is created to connect minority, women-owned and disadvantaged business owners with local, city and county municipalities, government entities and statewide and national organizations. The goal is to align them to resources that can assist them in consulting, construction, certifications, and contract bidding.

Dr. Dennis Kimbro, New York Times Best-selling author, and Success and Wealth Expert will serve as the luncheon keynote speaker and Carolyn Sawyer, President, of the Tom Sawyer Company, Author, Facilitator, and Trainer, will serve as the moderator for the day. J Haleem, an experienced entrepreneur sees the value in supplier diversity. “I believe strategic partnerships are the gateway for women and minority-owned businesses to get their fair share of the money and resources available to them. A lot of times small and disadvantaged businesses miss out on opportunities because they are not in the know.” More than 200+ conference attendees will gather to receive the information needed to conduct business statewide. Tickets available now at

About J Haleem: J Haleem is an established entrepreneur, author, and motivational speaker. J Haleem was born and raised in Newark, New Jersey where his interest in being an entrepreneur was birthed. With more than 15 years of experience as an entrepreneur; he now owns multiple businesses and is able to enjoy his passion for entrepreneurship and inspiring new business owners.

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