Kenneth "KJ" Hart II

Kenneth "KJ" Hart II

This month’s Auntie Karen Foundation’s "Think Big Know Bigger" Success Story features 15-year-old Kenneth "KJ" Hart II, a children's book author.

Tenacious, ambitious, and faithful servant best describe 15-year-old author Kenneth "KJ" Hart II. I met KJ about three years at a church during a Faith Night service for The Black Expo. He instantly was attracted to Auntie Karen's character, Gordon, the overweight purple Jamaican Yam. He told me at the time that he had the vision to create his own mascot for birthday parties and another event. For the next year, KJ would wear the Gordon costume.

Kenneth "KJ" Hart II - 1st book

Fast forward to 2021, and he is one step closer to seeing his dream come true with the release of The KJ Learns Series. This month KJ launched his first book in the series entitled “KJ Learns How To Ride A Bike.” The first book was created with Grades 1st – 3rd as the audience. KJ is the creator and author, and has partnered with illustrator Abira Das for the beautiful artwork.

The book is somewhat autobiographical. When KJ was in elementary school, he felt like giving up. He used to tell himself he couldn't do anything.

Today he wants young people to know that you can stop the negative chatter and understand that all things are possible if you have faith. Philippians 4:13 has helped him overcome many challenging obstacles. He knows he can do all things through Christ which strengthens him.

KJ wants to encourage children to put their minds to something they want to have or accomplish as long as they do their best. You may feel like saying, "I can't," but you have to say, "I can."

Kenneth "KJ" Hart II is Kenneth and Shunquell Hart's son, and the brother of Kaitlyn and Kennedi. He is a 10th grade student at Connexus Online Academy.

To learn more information about The KJ Series or to purchase the book, visit or e-mail Also visit KJ’s Facebook or Instagram pages at @thekjseries.

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