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OnPoint Media, LLC Business of the Week

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The Hardy's

Cynthia & Jim Hardy Founders of  Onpoint Media, LLC

Jim & Cynthia Hardy are known as one of the Midlands “Power Couples.” The Hardy’s business footprint actually started when Jim was as a student in the Graphic Communications Department at Clemson University. He became what’s known as a ‘serial entrepreneur’ in 1987; conceptualizing and developing three successful businesses which eventually led to the launch of Maxim Communications Group about 10 years later.

Maxim Communications Group, Jim’s full-service advertising, marketing and communications firm built a solid reputation in the business community, garnering its first major contract right out of the gate. The Hardy’s will never forget the excitement of successfully landing the McDonald’s 365 Black Campaign contract to print 1 million booklets to be distributed worldwide!

Shortly thereafter, Maxim was awarded a contract to launch the ‘new’ SC Education Lottery, responsible for SCEL website and other point-of-purchase graphics. During that period, Maxim grew into a $4 million enterprise. But it wouldn’t last. The combination of the impact of the Great Recession and Jim’s unexpected rapidly declining health led them to end that chapter of their lives.

Fortunately for the Hardy’s, in 2004, while Jim was still running Maxim Communications. Group, the two of them also founded OnPoint Media LLC, a broadcast communications and public relations company. OnPoint was incubated for 4 years while Cynthia was still employed full-time; that way she could learn solid business principles and practices based on Jim’s successful business model. It’s a good thing she did, because when Jim went on total disability awaiting a life-saving kidney transplant, Cynthia was ready to step up to put those practices to use. What resulted was tremendous growth and success for OnPoint Media in both ratings and service delivery.

After GOD blessed Jim to receive a new kidney on July 3, 2018, he returned to OnPoint and began to grow it. Today the agency holds local state and national contracts that also provide Strategic Marketing, Brand Development, Graphic Design and Strategic Communications. Truly teamwork makes the dream work.

This year, the radio show celebrated 15 years as the #1 radio talk show in the South Carolina by reaching 75K radio listeners across the state each week. Next year, OnPoint will celebrate the 10th anniversary of its equally engaging television show OnPoint on WACH TV 57 that Cynthia anchors weekly with WACH Fox anchor and newsroom managing editor Brian McConchie. The Hardy’s take pride in owning and producing African American media products to deliver the news to the people on their own terms.

Had it not been for God and his infinite grace and mercy, The Hardy’s would not be here today. Their family has been a continuous fountain of support and encouragement. The flexibility of entrepreneurship and work ethic with solid drive saved their lives and their businesses. They are truly humbled by the support and kindness of our community over the past 36 years. Their faith in Jesus Christ and love of this community has been their motivation.

The Hardy's will be honored this Friday at the Legacy of Black Business Gala.

OnPoint Media, LLC can be reached at (803) 445-1560.

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