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Soda City Pharmacy & Compounding fears closing doors after one year opening

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Dr. Tremain Cooper, Pharm.D.

Dr. Tremain Cooper, Pharm.D. is the owner of Soda City Pharmacy & Compounding, LLC. As a native of Columbia, SC with the desire to always own his own pharmacy, Dr. Cooper identified a need within his hometown and utilized his public health background to open his business.

“It’s my vision to create a public health pharmacy right here in the neighborhood to provide all medication needs,” said Dr. Cooper. “I also have a compounding lab inside the pharmacy, so that helps me to distinguish myself from big box pharmacies quite a bit.”

The purpose of the compounding lab is to customize medications for people, explained Dr. Cooper. He further explained Soda City Pharmacy’s flexibility with accepting most insurances, as well as the ability to provide vaccinations and make deliveries for those unable to visit in-person.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, Dr. Cooper served on the front lines while working as the lead pharmacist on his team for Mecklenburg County Health Department. According to Dr. Cooper, after witnessing “probably the largest vaccine rollout in the history of this country,” he felt it was the perfect time to return home to start a similar pharmacy. However, after being open for one year, Dr. Cooper expressed the hardships Soda City Pharmacy is facing, including scarce traffic and shortened hours, due to the circumstances of the economy.

“I think we’re still living in a post-pandemic economy, and it has a lasting effect on locally-owned small businesses. So, it’s been a challenge.”

Dr. Cooper emphasized the importance of having African American providers in the community being that “African Americans have some of the largest healthcare disparity gaps in the country.”

“Giving them easy access to public health services that help address those disparities is so important,” he said. “I wanted the pharmacy to be grounded, but at the end of the day, it’s still a business. So, the business has to survive long enough to be able to offer those kinds of programs.”

Dr. Cooper also emphasized the importance of individuals having a relationship with their pharmacist in order to help accomplish positive health outcomes.

“I can do just about everything big box stores can do, plus more,” said Dr. Cooper. “I just want people to know that I’m here.”

Soda City Pharmacy & Compounding offers 10% off on over the counter products for customers filling and refilling their prescriptions.

Soda City Pharmacy & Compounding is located at 380 St. Andrews Road, Columbia, SC 29210. New hours of operation are Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday: 11 am – 6 pm, Sat: 9 am -1 pm and closed on Wednesday and Sunday. For further information, contact the pharmacy at (803) 766-2015 or You can also visit their website at

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