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The Adventures of Christian & Crew - Community Business of the Week

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It is often said that a child cannot be what they don’t see. But what happens when a child sees something and still doesn’t believe they can achieve it? That was a problem faced by a Columbia family earlier this year.

Christian Savage is a vibrant, 4-year-old young entrepreneur whose passion for transforming lives is remarkable. Christian and his parents, Jessica and Joseph Green, are the owners of The Adventures of Christian & Crew, a company that offers products that are designed to educate kids and bring families together.

The company was founded in March 2019 because of conversation between Christian and his parents.

“My husband and I went into Christian’s room, and he told us that he didn't feel as cool as a character that he saw on TV,” Jessica recalled. “During that time, he was watching Ryan’s Youtube Channel. We asked ‘What do you mean by that?’ And he said that ‘Ryan's got all these toys. He's so much cooler than me. He's on TV.’ My husband and I were just shocked that at the age of four, he was feeling less than someone else, based on just seeing that person on TV. We explained to my son that he was cool just as he was. Everybody's cool and everybody is special.”

Christian loved watching Ryan’s World on Youtube. The popular kids’ show features an 8-year-old and his twin sisters who film themselves opening and playing with toys, and giving their opinions on them. Last year, Ryan was the highest paid celebrity on YouTube, earning over $22 million.

The couple wanted Christian to know that he was just as cool as Ryan. They decided to develop their own line of books, toys and other products based on things that Christian liked. They spent weeks talking to Christian, asking him what types of toys he would like to have and what type of superhero he wanted to be.

“He wanted to be a superhero, so that's how the character of Light Flash was created,” Jessica recalled. “Christian came up with the colors, the design and his powers.”

Christian also came up with other characters to be part of his crew. He liked Ninjas, so he told his parents that he wanted a new character who is a Ninja wielding a double sword.

“Christian comes up with all the characters,” Jessica says.

One of their first products was a coloring book featuring Light Flash. Other products quickly followed: educational books, activity books, clothing, bags and bath & body products. And just in time for Christmas, the company sells Monthly Adventure Boxes, Self-Esteem & Confidence Kits, and Mystery Toy Bags. “We have a variety of products,” Jessica said. “With all of our products, we usually try to have dual purposes – our math book is a coloring book as well.”

Also popular is the company’s line of bath products. A popular new product is the Christmas Peppermint Bubble Bath and Body Wash. Another is a line of Bath Bombs.

“They explode in the bath water and turn the water black,” Jessica said. “It does not stain your bath tub.”

Clothing items include Light Flash superhero capes, t-shirts, caps, backpacks and tote bags.

“Our prices range from $6.99 to $39.99,” Jessica said. “We try to keep everything affordable for everybody.”

The Adventures of Christian & Crew now offers a line of services designed to help parents of small children. The company offers Family Game Nights & Dinners, Youth Entrepreneur Classes, Bullying Seminars, Self-Esteem & Confidence Courses, Special Events and Kids Parties.

The company offers three types of kids’ parties: The Lost Treasures for kids who love pirates, The Super Heroes Save the Day for kids who like superheroes, and Field Day Adventure, for kids who love exercise, competition and team building.

“We create fun activities and great events so that each child can really figure out what it is that they want,” Jessica says. “By engaging in activities, a child learns more about themselves. Our hope is that they'll learn exactly what it is that they enjoy and that they'll be bold enough to just be themselves. So that's why we call it Christian & Crew, because we want everybody to feel like they belong. They're part of this crew.”

Everything the company does, Jessica says, is designed to help parents create positive self-images in their kids.

“Our company initially started with just really trying to help our son have more confidence in himself and to let him know that he can accomplish anything. But we've noticed that a lot of other kids struggle with self-esteem. African Americans, especially, don't see themselves represented. We noticed that when we go out and people see this, they feel a sense of pride. They are like wow, there's somebody that looks like me,” Jessica said.

“We want our kids to have options in life so that they can have different career paths,” she continued. “We don't want them to feel forced to do anything. So by exposing him to their entrepreneurship side, we feel that its going to teach him valuable skills, but also let him know that you can work for someone or you can work for yourself. Again, it goes back to him not thinking he could do what he wanted. We wanted to show him that he could create whatever he wanted.”

This is not the couple’s only venture. They are developing a line of hair bows for their 8-month old daughter, who has perfected the art of pulling hair bands out of her hair. And Jessica also runs a company called ‘Girl You Are Amazing’ that focuses on female empowerment and developing positive self-esteem in girls.

Long-term, the couple wants to open a physical location to host events and parties.

“We want to get our own location so we can host events to teach kids about entrepreneurship and provide STEM training,” Jessica said. It’s all a part of the couple’s goal to help parents put their kids on the path to success.

“Our goal is to expose children to fun activities and unforgettable adventures that help them identify what they enjoy and develop the confidence and braveness needed to be their own unique self,” Jessica says.

To learn more about the company or to purchase products, visit To book a party or other event, call Jessica at (803) 297-0757.

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