Roshanda E. Pratt

Roshanda Pratt, CEO of The Rosho Live

In western Africa, a griot is a person a storyteller, a person who keeps and disseminates oral history and information. The griot tradition is also alive and well in America. Although griots were traditionally male, in America there are women who could be considered griots. One such person is Roshanda E. Pratt, owner of The Rosho Live. Pratt says that she is a storyteller at heart. She loves helping people get their stories in front of people who can benefit from them.

Pratt was born in Michigan. She lived in several states before moving to South Carolina. She graduated from AC Flora High School in 1996, and went to Winthrop University, where she majored in Mass Communications.

“When I was in the fourth grade, my dad would make me watch the news,” she recalled. “My dad and mom are from Trinidad and Tobago, and my dad told me that as an American citizen, it’s my responsibility and duty to understand what’s going on in our country and my community. He started my passion and love for television news.” As a senior, Pratt worked as a news assistant at a Charlotte television station. After graduating in December 2000, she began working at the station full-time.

“Within six months, I was promoted to an associate producer, and then became a full-time producer.”

That was the beginning of a nearly 20-year career in the television industry. She worked at two television stations in Charlotte before moving back to Columbia, working at WIS-TV before taking a job at WLTX-TV.

Over the years, Pratt realized that a lot of people needed help promoting themselves and their brands.

“In 2018, I took the leap into entrepreneurship, building a brand as a storyteller and livestream strategist by helping people be seen, heard and paid both on air and online. I help people understand how to tell their brand’s story using live video and how to connect it to television media as well.”

Pratt’s company shows clients how to put together their own video programming and help them get their message out through television and other media sites.

“The people who are my ideal clients are people who decide that they no longer can remain silent,” Pratt said. “They have a message, and they want to make a real impact, build influence, and make an income by sharing their story and showing up fully as themselves. These folks need help putting the pieces together. I help to put the pieces together and show how they can tell a compelling and authentic story using live video. Eighty percent of people would rather watch live video than read a blog post. So I help people understand how to utilize traditional and use this new digital media. For speakers and consultants, I show them how to use traditional media to get their message out to the masses as well.”

Pratt continued working at WLTX while she built her business. In 2020, she left the television industry completely and became a full-time entrepreneur.

“I was always working my business while I was working at a TV station because my attitude was I'm going to build it while I'm still on my job,” Pratt said. “I used the job and those resources as a training ground -- and as my silent partner.”

Pratt says her goal is to help business owners build their brand so that people like and trust them, and ultimately want to do business with them. She typically works with speakers, consultants, authors, coaches, brands and business owners. Her goal, she says, is to help entrepreneurs and organizations boost their marketing return on investment through brand storytelling and live video.

“The first thing we do is we help them to understand the importance of their story, and how to tell that story in order to connect to their ideal audience. Then we make them understand how to embrace the fact that they are experts in their field, they're experts in their products and services, and how to position themselves as the expert. And then we help them to execute that. So whether that's using livestream, traditional media or both, we help them execute that so they get before the people that they serve. Visibility is power, and you deserve to be seen, heard and paid,” Pratt said.

In addition, Pratt helps people who want to launch their own video productions.

“There are people who want to launch their own show, but they are nervous and they've never been in front of a camera before,” Pratts says. “So that's gonna require me to do some training with them and get them comfortable with the platform. There are others that I work with, who are comfortable with the platform. They are okay in front of the camera, but they need help with creating content or producing the show. So it really depends on what your needs are. With twenty years of working as a television news producer, I understand how to utilize and how to help people think like a producer.”

Pratt teaches her clients how to do live video and how to get booked for shows in the media. Most of her courses can be taught virtually online.

“For instance, a lot of times authors want to tell people all about that book and why they should buy the book, but they don't really tell people the why? People buy your why. So with authors, I have to help them understand how to position their book, so they're not just telling people to buy your book, but why they should buy your book.”

Pratt has worked with numerous clients over the years, such as the WK Kellogg Foundation, Boeing as well as countless speakers, authors, coaches and entrepreneurs. But she says her first client was herself.

“I believe that you're always your first client, even before you have other paying clients,” Pratt said. Pratt used her skills to create and launch The Rosho Live. The Rosho Live is broadcast on Facebook Live every Monday night at 8:15 p.m.

“The RoSho Live was a nickname that I had working in television news,” Pratt recalled. “We started building The Rosho Live as a personality and doing Facebook Live shows. I do a show every Monday night at 8:15 p.m. on Facebook called Media Monday With the RoSho Live. We talk about anything from media to current events and business. People can ask questions, and sometimes we do a show with a guest. It just depends on the topic.”

In addition, Pratt has written a book for people interested in learning more about live video, called CEO of Live Video. It was written to help people who are interested in launching their own online video shows. It is available for sale on

“That was my first book, yet it became an Amazon bestseller in 24 hours. We're really proud of it. We've had a lot of people who said that the book was very helpful to them.”

When asked why she has been successful, Pratt says it’s because she is genuine.

“At a time when people are skittish on social media or the internet in general because of catfishing and where people are pretending to be something they are not, I've always been genuinely me. And I think my authenticity is what comes across and people gravitate towards that,” she said.

Pratt says that with the huge disruptions going on in the economy, this is the perfect time to use her services to gain a competitive edge.

“This is the perfect time for people to be seen,” Pratt says. “Internet usage is up more people are on the Internet and on social media so this is a great time to get before your audience. Just have a target and a strategic plan on how to do so, and I'd love to help you.”

To learn more about Roshanda Pratt and The Rosho Live, visit Pratt can be reached by calling (331) 240-1198.

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