Hip Hop and Soul Music Legend Angie Stone said she had never seen a hustle and grind so intense in over 30 years when talking about TiffanyJ. TiffanyJ (no space between Tiffany and J) describes herself as an Inspirational personality, soul artist, author, and entrepreneur. This blessed talent uses many forms of artistic expression and has uncovered her calling and mission to help others embrace their uniqueness and individuality.

TiffanyJ began her gift of music at church and school and became part of the award-winning, urban inspirational group Eternal Voices. Her understanding of music led her in 2008, along with her sister and best friend, to create Real Records & Entertainment LLC. Soon after, she continued her entrepreneurship journey with the establishment of her multimedia design firm, T.J.'s Elements LLC.

TiffanyJ is a proud graduate of Keenan High School in Columbia, South Carolina. In 2009, she was the first student to obtain the Computer and Information Science, Computer Science concentration Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia College.

As a child, TiffanyJ describes herself as super shy and intimidated with a lonesome personality. She suffered severely with depression and had thoughts of suicide multiple times as early as 12 years old. Her silence was mistakenly recognized as being quiet when in actuality, it was a loud internal cry. It took her 30 years to truly understand the greatness within her. Tiffany feels it should NEVER take another child nearly that long to discover their greatness, so she created a line of positive characters: "Super Beauty" and her twin "Handsome Hero."

In 2018, TiffanyJ's company Super Beauty, Inc. created Super Beauty, the original pep-talker, helping young girls combat low self-esteem and boost their confidence. With its ability to say over 20 positive phrases, the doll's mission is to deflect the mental and emotional stresses that affect girls battling bullies and/or depression.

This year, TiffanyJ has created Super Beauty's twin brother, Handsome Hero. The Handsome Hero extension not only shares the values of Super Beauty (anti-bullying, self-love, and confidence), but adds the perpetuation of intelligence and leadership to H 2' s mission. Handsome Hero says rotating phrases that inspire young boys to be thought leaders and value intellect.

Statistics show that boys account for 71 percent of all school suspensions and are 30 percent more likely to flunk or drop out of school.

TiffanyJ says, "I was led to expand the Super Beauty brand with the creation of S.B.'s twin brother, Handsome Hero because we need to chill with the incorrect usage of 'man up'. Boys are often taught to mask their feelings, which can unintentionally turn to anger. We also have a tendency, especially in the black community, to see boys as great potential athletes before we believe that they can be great intellectual leaders, businessmen, and human beings. I wanted to show boys, while boosting their self-esteem, that there's no limit to what they can achieve and that expressing your feelings does not make you "soft".

TiffanyJ and her band performed at The Auntie Karen 2020 Legends of...Concert Pre-Concert reception. The concert was held on February 21, 2020, at the Koger Center for the Arts and featured Peabo Bryson & Stephanie Mills. About TiffanyJ, Creator of the SUPER BEAUTY Brand "A soulful approach to melodic art" is what musical soul artist TiffanyJ embodies. Through many forms of artistic expression, she has uncovered her calling and is on a mission to help others free themselves by embracing their uniqueness and individuality. The Self-Esteem advocate is taking her love for the self-love of people, especially girls, to another level. She's the founder of the 6-year girl's organization, The Beauty, You Are Boot Camp, and has been featured twice as a speaker for the national touring event, Girl's World Expo. TiffanyJ is also the 2018 Grand Prize Winner of BET & T.I.'s Pitch Your Hustle competition and the author of "It All Starts With Me: An Interactive Guide to Discovering Self and Loving It." She is now releasing the Super Beauty children's book series and inspirational talking dolls.

For more information, contact TiffanyJ by calling 803-380-TIFF, visiting, or email

About the Auntie Karen Foundation

Since 2003, The Auntie Karen Foundation has presented the annual Young Entrepreneurs Conference. This innovative conference brings youth from across the region together to foster economic empowerment.

The Auntie Karen Foundation is a global, 501(c) 3 charitable corporation based in Columbia, SC. To learn more about the Auntie Karen Foundation, visit #thinkbigknowbigger ###

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