Denmark Tech groundbreaking

Pictured are (left to right): Clarence Bonnette, Jarius Hays, Philip Homan, Dr. Willie L. Todd, Jr., James Bowden, Keithian Thompson, Dr. Lamar White, Jauron Pruitt, Dr. Sasha Johnson-Coleman, and Dr. Danny Swilley.

Dozens of students, faculty, staff and community members gathered in front of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hall on Wednesday for a revitalization ceremony to kickoff renovations to the historic residence hall.

“We are elated to be able to move forward with the renovations to King Hall. With our rural location and the housing insecurities some of our students face, the ability to offer safe, secure and comfortable on-campus housing to our students is vitally important to the work we do here at Denmark Tech. As the only technical college in the state with college-owned residence halls, we recognize how the opportunity to live on campus opens doors for students who may not otherwise be able to attend college,” said Dr. Willie L. Todd Jr., president and CEO. “The revitalization of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Hall will allow more students to create a better future for years to come.”

King Hall, which was originally built in 1965, had never had a major renovation in its nearly 60-year history. Renovations have already begun, with the remodeling of common space and upgrades to the laundry facilities. Other upcoming renovations include new flooring throughout, central HVAC units replacing the decades-old heating and air units, a complete facelift to every room, new lighting, and modernization of wi-fi and technology capabilities.

“If students enjoy where they live, study and socialize, they are going to have a better college experience and are going to be more successful in their educational pursuits. We must create an environment geared towards the 21st century student, where they can learn and grow in a home away from home. Additionally, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Hall is named after the most prolific civil rights leader in the history of our country, so it is imperative that we honor his legacy. Taking care of the building that holds his name is one way we can do that. Renovating this building helps us realize Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s vision by creating a ‘beloved community’. This is one step in how the college creates its Living and Learning communities,” said Dr. A. Clifton Myles, executive vice president for administration and innovation.

Renovations to King Hall are being led by Coast Architects, Inc. and are slated to be completed in March of 2022. The residence hall will be ready to hold 96 male students in its 48 rooms in the fall of 2022.

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