Willie Bradley - Jazz Musician

Willie Bradley - Jazz Musician

South Carolina State University congratulates one of its very own, independent jazz recording artist and trumpeter Willie Bradley, for winning 2021 Artist of the Year from the Smooth Jazz Network.

Bradley’s honor was featured in the Beats Magazine 2021 Year-End edition.

Bradley was one 12 finalists for best jazz artist. His song “It’s My Time” was featured on the Top 30 Smooth Jazz Network chart for best songs of 2021 and also held the number one spot on Top 20 for two consecutive weeks this year.

In his interview with Beats Magazine, he talked about his inspiration for his latest project, “My Time,” which he dedicated to the memory of his mother, the importance of music education, and his plans for 2022.

“I began teaching the music industry courses in August 2021 during the Fall Semester and will be teaching in the Spring Semester starting in January 2022. I am already booked for several performances for 2022. I am also working on a Christmas album for 2022,” Bradley said in his Beats interview.

Bradley has performed internationally at many engagements and major jazz festivals. He also has worked with such renowned bands and musicians as Dizzy Gillespie, RJ & The Original James Brown Band, Ronnie Laws, Alex Bugnon, members of Sly & the Family Stone, Marion Meadows, Walter Beasley, Gerald Albright, David Sanborn and more.

“My advice to musicians who would like to pursue a career in music is to learn every aspect of the music industry pertaining to the music business. Learn the different avenue streams in which to obtain residual income from your music,” Bradley said. “It is necessary to have a good foundation in order to be successful in this competitive music industry today.”

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