Voorhees College announces the launch of the Tigers Gladly Invest in Voorhees Education (G.I.V.E) Campaign in recognition of the national Giving Tuesday, which will be December1, 2020.

The Voorhees College Division of Institutional Advancement and Development (IAD) is excited to begin fundraising for the campaign. On Dec.1, IAD will host an 8-hour day of giving from noon-8 p.m. via live feeds to institute excitement and awareness of the campaign’s progress.

Dr. Prince Brown, vice president for the Division of IAD, said, “the Tigers G.I.V.E. campaign is one of many efforts the institution is initiating to support students in this time of need.” Presented in the former Lou Rawls Parade of Stars style, this celebrity laced event is expected to raise $1 million for the institution.

Dr. W. Franklin Evans, ninth president and C.E.O. of Voorhees, said this fundraising campaign will feature celebrity guest appearances and back-to-back live coverage to keep our community involved. “The idea is to engage alumni, faculty, staff, students, Voorhees constituents, HBCU partners, and the community in helping increase our educational capabilities,” Evans said. “The gifts generated from Tigers G.I.V.E. supports our diverse needs because we can no longer operate under business as usual. I ask you all to reach from your hearts and give today.”

Voorhees has already begun accepting donations via mail and online at our website www.voorhees.edu/dayofgiving.

For more information, contact the Office of Communications, at 803-780-1191 or at communications@voorhees.edu.

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