Public artwork

Krigga's piece, titled SYNAPSE (left) and Charles' piece, titled Leap (right).

Get a limited-edition commemorative poster or postcard pack of the Black Lives Matter-inspired public art banners that are on display outside Richland Library Main (1431 Assembly Street).

The Richland Library Friends and Foundation is now taking pre-orders online at Each 24 x 39 poster runs $29, and a 4 x 6 postcard pack (10 in total) is $13. They feature the work of local Black artists Dogon Krigga and Ija Charles.

Krigga's piece, titled SYNAPSE, depicts the spontaneous moment of ecstasy that generates motion and change while eliciting a spark of imagination and creating a call to action. Charles' piece, titled Leap, encourages the viewer to change the narrative of how one is perceived in this world by focusing on character rather than stereotypes.

Customers can expect to receive and retrieve orders at their designated library locations - no more than eight weeks after the sale ends on Monday, November 30.

All proceeds go directly to supporting both artists as well as high-impact library services in four distinct areas: Literacy; Workforce Development; Social Services and Inclusion; and Innovative Programming.

For questions, please contact Emily Stoll at 803-587-3637 or email

About Richland Library Friends and Foundation

The Richland Library Friends and Foundation is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, governed by a Board of Trustees, whose mission is to support Richland Library by raising awareness and financial support.

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