Courtney Johnson

"When I lost my Grandma, I felt as if I lost my entire world.”

Two days before the 86th birthday of Georgia Mae Jones, her granddaughter Courtney Johnson and her family made plans to get cake and balloons to celebrate her in a couple of days. Just a year before, about 40 members of the family scurried around Mrs. Georgia in secret to celebrate her with a grand dinner. A host of grandchildren, sisters, brothers, nieces, nephews and her children watched her as she walked into a neighbor restaurant and yelled “Surprise”! Mrs. Georgia stood in awe and splendor, wearing her favorite pressed perfectly soft yellow shirt, black pants and a beaded necklace with her hair neatly cornrowed that accented her beautiful smiling face and cried “Yall got me”! That was the last time they got to celebrate Ms. Georgia’s birthday. 2 days before her next birthday she transitioned.

The peaceful transitioning of Ms. Georgia was especially challenging for Courtney. She fell into a depressive state and suffering the loss and lost her vibrance and happiness for life. “I spent lots of time with Grandma” stated Courtney. “Every morning, she called me. Grandma would give me encouragement on how to deal with day to day situations with grace. Every night, I would call her to download about the day, talk about the weather and we would laugh and enjoy each other’s conversations. My Grandma was my world.

Coping with her transition was extremely difficult. Courtney felt the darkness and withdrew. She remembered how during times that were hard for her, she could lay her head in her Grandma’s lap and hear her console her by saying “It will be okay”. At this point in Courtney’s life, it was not okay, and it seemingly would never be without Ms. Georgia.

Courtney knew she had to learn to cope with Ms. Georgia’s transition. She needed to find the right coping mechanism for the transition and needed to endure during this period. Cortney turned the pen and paper.

A Purposeful Journey: The Process of Enduring While Moving Forward with a Meaningful Purpose was her genesis. In the book, Courtney reveals how she views the passing of Ms. Georgia as a way of dealing with all of life challenges. The transition brought forth clarity and revelation. Johnson guides us in the book through how she overcame and brought to fruition her truest purpose through creativity, writing and art therapy and dedicates the book to Mrs. Georgia’s legacy. Johnson shares with us how she impacts her tribe by motivating and encouraging them to keep going. Even though it might look rough, don’t give up, its part of the process towards purpose.

Courtney is a Certified Life Coach, a member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Inc and Holds a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from South Carolina State University and a Master of Clinical Health from South University. She will be hosting the launch for her book on October 12, 2019 at Thee Matriarch Bed and Breakfast 1170 Fischer Street Orangeburg SC, 29115. To sign up as a sponsor, or attend the event, visit Eventbrite A Purposeful Journey Book launch or contact Shanna M. Scott, PR & Events at (843) 455-0604 or email us at

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