Columbia’s Emerging Choreographers Show at Tapp’s Arts Center (1644 Main St

Columbia, South Carolina, 29201) will begin at 7:30 p.m. (doors open at 7 p.m.) on Saturday, May 5th, 2018. Tickets are $12 and are available for purchase online or in person at

The night brings together the young, rich talent of Columbia, SC for an exciting night of dance. Premiering diverse dance works, the show highlights four up-and-coming choreographers of the South East: Jacquelyn Benthall, Brailey Johnson, Jonathan Smith, and Meredith Yuhas. Crossing paths from local universities and professional dance companies in the city, these choreographers premiere their work to Columbia for a night of cutting edge, contemporary dance.

Brailey Johnson opens the evening presenting her original work M-F, an exploration of the mundanity of everyday adult life. She was a founding member of Icono/clash Dance Collaborative in 2014, and since then has taught and performed with Columbia’s Fuse Artist Alliance. Johnson’s work is a series of movement vignettes inspired by the album “The OOZ” by King Krule. Through projected film and a pedestrian-inspired soundscape, Johnson shapes a world both familiar and exaggerated.

Jacquelyn Benthall follows premiering Crucial Ambiguity, her most recent project with dancers from the University of South Carolina where she will soon graduate from, receiving her degree in Dance Performance and Choreography. She combines contemporary movement and music by the iconic Fleetwood Mac to depict a journey through the stages of grief, presenting how human’s cope with uncertain feelings. For more information please visit:

Jonathan Smith will be making his professional debut as a choreographer with his piece America to me? With a background in music, he began his dance training with Terrance Henderson Fall 2009, and now serves as the primary assistant and professional artistic collaborator, helping execute Henderson’s latest premiere at Harbison Theater. Smith is excited to premiere his work at Tapp’s, utilizing the medley of America, One Love, and Langston Hughes poetry, capturing an honest reflection of his own experiences in America as a person of color.

Meredith Yuhas presents her newly premiered local female dance collective Yuhas & Dancers to close the night's show. Yuhas introduced her dance collective at The 2018 Asheville Fringe Festival, winning the "Festival Fan Favorite." She is thrilled to present Running Bodies Empty, investigating how dancers push their bodies to exhaustion, and how humans at large allow the body to move in service to the mind. The work uses dynamic contemporary partnering and intimate detailed moments to create a world of honesty and effort in movement. For more information and upcoming projects visit:

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