NO ADDRESS, a documentary series directed by Caletta Harris, will premiere at the Spotlight Cinemas Capital 8 Theater on Thursday, January 23rd and/or Friday, January 24th at 6:00 p.m.

NO ADDRESS is a documentary about the criminalization of homelessness and how communities across the country can implement proven practical solutions to this growing epidemic. Part 1 of the series will feature Columbia, SC.

In NO ADDRESS, you will meet the individuals that fought to rescind the 2013 unanimous City Council vote to criminalize the homeless population in Columbia, SC. Criminalization of homelessness means go to a shelter, get out of town or be at-risk of going to jail if caught on the streets. Moreover, ordinances such as panhandling and urban camping will also get them a ticket to the jail house.

In NO ADDRESS, you will get to know some humans from the homeless community who survive day to day by banishment, abandonment, harassment, ridicule and institutionalism all while keeping their sanity to live another day. In this new era of American society, stereotypes of homelessness no longer exist. Through all the destitution, there’s hope and we will show you how several cities that are utilizing practical solutions to combat this growing epidemic. Our SOLUTION is to obtain land and to build a community for the homeless population to include permanent container homes and organic farming so they will have a sustainable income through agriculture and ultimately become entrepreneurs. This will be the catalyst for what WE can do in other communities across the world.

Eventbrite tickets are available at

For more information, contact Caletta Harris at (803) 753-7050 or e-mail Learn more at

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