We Are All Family Festival

Columbia, SC:

“The We Are All Family Festival” is currently running at the Charlie W. Johnson Stadium on the campus of Benedict College. The Festival which began on April 1st continues to impress everyone attending and blessing the community with a little bit of SAFE family fun in an Outdoor / Open-Air environment. “We wanted to create a safe environment where families of all nationalities can come together and enjoy some great food, experience some exhilarating rides and just safely enjoy this family experience. Just stepping on the Campus, you can feel the energy that precludes from this Festival and it is nothing short of impressive”- states Val Copeland – Founder of Festival.

Athletic Director of Benedict College - Coach Willie Washington states “this is really a rejuvenating shot of energy that the community needs especially after the COVID-19 shut in. The staff is above all friendly, helpful and inviting. Those that have attended seem to be happy and grateful for this Festival.”

The attendance has been spectacular and with the Festival scheduled to end on this Sunday April 11th, it is only expected to get better. Even with COVID 19 guidelines being strictly enforced by the City of Columbia Fire Marshal and Benedict College Police Dept., attendees do not seem to miss a beat of fun and excitement.

Portions of the proceeds are being donated to The Harvest Hope Food Bank located in Columbia.

So don't miss out on this exciting experience as it closes out on Sunday April 11th.

Operation Hours are Monday - Friday: 5pm - 10pm and Saturday & Sunday: 1pm - 11pm.

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