In an effort to provide citizens with outdoor locations for physical activity durng the warmer weather, the City of Columbia's Parks and Recreation Department has announced that greenways, open spaces and trails will be open to the public effective immediately. These areas can be visited by citizens from sunrise to sundown. However, due to the pandemic, special guidelines must be followed in the interest of public health.

Please note that the City's parks will remain closed, including buildings, athletic courts, pools, and other amenities, until further notice.

COVID-19 Guidelines for Greenways, Open Spaces and Trails

• Avoid gathering in groups of three or more at all times.

• Always keep at least six feet between you and others.

• Citizens may walk, jog, hike, and bike on the greenway or path.

• When someone approaches you on the greenway or path, please allow one group or citizen to pass at a time.

• We encourage citizens to wear protective mask while visiting the greenways or open spaces.

• Always follow the CDC's personal hygiene guidance.

• If you are exhibiting COVID-19 symptoms, do not visit greenways or open spaces.

Remember, people with COVID19 may not exhibit symptoms, so it is important to practice all of the above-mentioned guidelines even if you are feeling well.

The following locations have walking trails for public use:

• Busby Street Community Center 1135 Busby Street

• Drew Wellness Center 2101 Walker Solomon Way

• Earlewood Park 1111 Recreation Drive

• E.B. Session 3304 Beaumont Avenue

• Elmwood/Roy Lynch 2120 Lincoln Street

• Finlay Park 930 Laurel Street

• Granby Park 100 Catawba Street

• Hampton Park 1117 Brandon Avenue

• MLK Park 2300 Greene Street

• Pinehurst Park 2300 Pinehurst Road

• Riverfront Park (South) 312 Laurel Street

• Riverfront Park (North) 4122 River Drive

• Rosewood Park 915 Elm Avenue

• South East Park 951 Hazelwood Road

• South Edisto Park 1914 Wiley Street

• St. Anna’s Park 1315 Liberty Hill Avenue

• Vista Greenway 841 Taylor Street

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