SC Thrive’s COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program, which was designed to provide emergency rental assistance to South Carolinians facing financial hardships because of the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, still has funding available and is accepting applications.

Launched in late May in cooperation with the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority (SC Housing), the program aims to lessen the economic impacts of the COVID-19 health crisis on state residents by providing funds to renters affected by shutdowns, closures, layoffs, reduced work hours, or unpaid leave due to the outbreak. Eligible households can now receive assistance of $1,500 for rent in a one-time, lump-sum payment made directly to property owners or management companies.

“For South Carolinians who need help paying the rent in these challenging times, we’d like to spread the word that funds are still available though this helpful SC Thrive program,” said SC Thrive CEO Tricia Richardson. “For those applying, please note the importance of sending in your application and supporting documentation—as this will expedite the approval process.”

So far, the COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program has had over 3,000 individuals begin an application, but know that it can be difficult to send in supporting documentation. Many places that people would normally go to send a fax or get help to scan in a document are closed. SC Thrive encourages applicants to seek assistance for submitting documents through landlords, county government offices, employers, and community serving organizations that currently allow visitors. Those wishing to submit new applications for the program or simply learn more about it can do so at

Applicants must meet a number of requirements to qualify for the program, including:

• Applicants must be South Carolina residents.

• Applicants’ household income at the time of application must be at or below 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for the county in which they reside. Income eligibility by county can be found at:

• Applicants’ employment/income must have been impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic, beginning March 10, 2020, or later.

• Applicants must be PAST DUE on rent.

• The rent assistance payment must bring the rental balance current.

• The applicant CANNOT currently receive any subsidized rental assistance.

• The applicant CANNOT be approved for or a recipient of the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation ($600 additional weekly benefit).

In addition to the COVID-19 Rental Assistance Program, SC Thrive stands firm in helping South Carolinians in need access available resources in innovative ways. Primary areas of focus at SC Thrive include physical, mental, and financial health. The organization also provides a variety of training and technology to other direct-service organizations so that they can more effectively help those in need access the resources available to them.

About SC Thrive

SC Thrive is a nonprofit offering solutions to South Carolinians in need of resources but facing a multitude of barriers to accessing them. With several online services, training programs and more than 400 strategic partnerships, SC Thrive meets people where they are and helps simplify complex processes — giving South Carolina residents more efficient access to the quality-of-life resources needed so they can move toward stability.

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