The Inaugural Soda City Jazz Festival will take place at the Koger Center for the Arts on Sunday, November 27 at 7:30 PM, with doors opening at 6:30 PM. Prominent jazz musicians Boney James and Norman Brown headline the concert, and the event features special guests Terence Young, Sam “Bassman” Jenkins, and Dante Lewis. The event is organized through a collaboration between Professional Entertainment Group and Hardy Boy Entertainment to ensure both the highest quality experience and concert for every participant.

Whether you avidly listen to jazz or are looking for the perfect gateway into the genre, there is potential for anyone to find their newest favorite musician at this extraordinary concert. Saxophonist Boney James has been an icon of the jazz world for over 30 years, racking up Grammy Nominations and a Soul Train award while performing solo and collaborating with other iconic R&B and soul artists. Norman Brown is considered one of the greatest guitarists of all time; as a musician who views his instrument as an extension of himself, Brown performs with all his being at every given opportunity to create a unique musical experience he can share with an audience. Columbia guitarist Terence Young is no stranger to sharing the stage with other prominent musicians and recording audiences, and his stage presence with his group The FINESSE BAND is so captivating, it can only be described as a real “Terence Young Experience.” For those who buy the special V.I.P. experience tickets, there will be an exclusive performance by guitarist Sam “Bassman” Jenkins and saxophonist Dante Lewis. Jenkins is a Columbia native with music directing and performance experience that led him to working with groups like the S.C. Philharmonic Orchestra. Lewis has grown in popularity all over the Southeast and leads his own group, The Dante Lewis Band. Both performers give every show their all and dedicate themselves to providing memorable concerts that will stick with an audience for weeks after. The meshing of their sound is seamless as the two musicians have collaborated on jazz performances before.

Tickets will be available to purchase on Friday, August 19 at the Koger Center Box Office at (803) 251-2222, in person, or online. Prices range from $79 to $89 for standard admission, and the V.I.P. experience tickets sell for $99 and $125. The V.I.P. experience includes a 5:30 PM reception in the Koger Center Lobby with performances by Sam Bassman and Dante Lewis, leading up to the main show at 7:30 PM.

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