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Years ago, my first sister and aunt died of cancer without insurance and we had to scramble around to make sure they was taken care of. At that point, I decided to get into the field to make sure my family was protected as well as other families. I started at State Farm and did very well selling, but I realized they didn't want to teach me everything to make me a better well rounded agent. After three and a half years I left to learn about theĀ  independent life of insurance. It was a huge learning curve going from one carrier to multiple carriers, but after 2 years we figured it out.

We are a brand new independent agency as of September 2019 that is excited to serve with integrity and trust. Our mission is to empower people to make smart decisions. More importantly, our bigger mission is protecting families when they need it most. We do this by educating clients about the various coverages, coverage gaps, and the specific products needed to fill those gaps in a way than can afford it.

Being independent gives us the ability to provide better value to our clients using multiple carries and multiple products to better fit your specific need, as opposed to having to take what's offered(even though it doesn't fit your needs) by the big known companies like State Farm. We sell home, auto, renters, life, employee benefits, medicare, recreational vehicles, golf carts, boats, motorcycles, condos, mobile homes, business, churches, professional coverages, pet insurance and whatever I left out.

Lastly, our desire is to give second chance opportunities to people in the community. This is a great business to make a living and would love for people to be trained in the field. If that is you, don't hesitate to give us a call @803.736.8304.

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