Black Lives Matter SC

On July 25, the Black Lives Matter-South Carolina movement will hold a four-hour online event to kick-off it's official start within the state.

The event will give viewers an opportunity to meet the leaders within the group as well as listen into discussions geared toward black men and black women. 

Viewers will also get a chance to see messages from politicians both state and federal as well as listen to live music from black artists from around the state.

Prior to the event starting, the group will be giving out bags with gloves, masks, hand sanitizer and information about the group to houses in the Meadowlake community from 1-3 p.m.

An hour leading up to the event, viewers can listen to a top 20 countdown of original music from black and brown artists from around the state. 

Black Lives Matter-South Carolina is founded and led by Nathaniel Lawrence, who had originally organized this group as I Can't Breathe SC, and later found and led Empower SC two other black lives matter groups in South Carolina. 

Black Lives Matter - South Carolina has already hit the ground running.

Recently, the group announced it would be leading the Nationwide March for Black Lives in Washington D.C. 

Lawrence told the Carolina Panorama that the BLM-SC is working on plans to develop affordable housing for poor black families, public parks, and innovation centers around the state. The first of these innovation centers is expected to open in Bamburg County in 2021.

Lawrence also told the Carolina Panorama that people can also reach out to the group and receive help from financial coaches and mental health case workers.

To learn more about the event, visit the Black Lives Matter - South Carolina Facebook Page.

To get involved with this organization, you can email them at or visit

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