City Council

Councilman Edward McDowell, Jr., Councilman Will Brennan and Councilman Howard Duvall celebrating in Council Chambers their swearing-in ceremony after being sworn into office.

The City of Columbia hosted a swearing-in ceremony on Tuesday, January 7, 2020, for two re-elected City Council members and one newly elected City Council member.

Councilman Howard Duvall, Councilman Edward McDowell and Councilman Will Brennan were the following council members who were sworn into office in the Council Chambers at City Hall.

City Manager Teresa Wilson began the ceremony by welcoming the nearly 200 attendees into the swearing-in ceremony and extending congratulations to the re-elected and newly elected City Council members. The large crowd of supporters included City Council members, neighborhood presidents, community advocates, business leaders and city staff.

Mayor Stephen Benjamin also spoke and gave remarks on behalf of Columbia City Council. He emphasized the point that all the Council members who were being sworn in should be commended for answering the call to public service.

During the oath of office, Assistant City Attorney Patrick Wright swore in At-Large Councilman Howard Duvall, Jr. for his second term in office, Solicitor Ernest A. Finney, III, swore in Councilman District 2 Edward H. McDowell, Jr. for his second term in office and Mr. James J. Brennan swore in Councilman Will Brennan, who will be serving District 3 in the City of Columbia. Each councilmember was surrounded by family members while they were sworn in for their new terms on Columbia City Council.

The ceremony ended with a benediction led by Rev. Julius L. McDowell, brother of Councilman Edward McDowell, Jr. and the pastor of Wesley United Methodist Church in Charleston, South Carolina.

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