In an effort to provide more access to City of Columbia information, the City of Columbia’s Public Relations, Media & Marketing Department has launched channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. As video viewership continues to trend towards streaming devices and on-demand applications, the City of Columbia wants to ensure citizens have the ability to gain access to essential information through streaming services.

On both Roku and Amazon Fire TV, audiences are able to watch video content that includes: city news, city events, city information, Columbia City Council meetings and other public meetings, public service announcements, and emergency information (including the City of Columbia’s response to COVID-19).

To access the City of Columbia channel on Roku or Amazon Fire TV, please follow these simple steps:


1. At the “Home” Screen, scroll down and click the “Search” tab

2. Type in “City of Columbia SC”

3. In the results, click the icon that reads “City of Columbia SC”

4. You can then click “Add channel” to save it to your “Home” screen or click “Go to channel” to start viewing the channel.

Amazon Fire TV

1. At the “Home” Screen, scroll over and click the “Search” bar

2. Type in “City of Columbia SC”

3. In the results, click the icon that reads “City of Columbia SC” under Apps & Games.

4. Click “Get-Free to download” to add the channel to Amazon Fire TV.

5. Once installed, you can now open the app or access through “Your Apps & Channels” on the “Home” screen.

In additions to the new streaming channels on Roku and Amazon Fire TV, the public can view City of Columbia video content on our public access channel on Spectrum (CityTV, Channel 1301) and our YouTube site (

The public is encouraged to stay connected to the City of Columbia through our social media platforms; Facebook (@CityofColumbia), Twitter (@CityofColumbia) and Instagram (@WeAreColumbia).

For additional information, please visit our website at

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