Marquita Nesbitt

According to the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, domestic violence is a demonstration of control forced upon one person against another. Domestic violence comes in multiple forms: physical, verbal, mental, financial, sexual and emotional.

Marquita Nesbitt, a native of Asheville, NC, currently residing in Columbia, SC, is a domestic violence survivor that seeks to convey a message of hope, unconditional love and success in life. She recently formed a safe haven and community for individuals that have been in, are currently in, or survived a domestic violence relationship. From Struggle To Strength (FS2S) is a newly formed non-profit organization that will provide support and resources to a demographic that is often silenced. Marquita plans to use her voice and story as a testimony.

In an effort to honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Marquita Nesbitt will be celebrating the launch of From Struggle To Strength (FS2S) and the release of her debut book, “From Struggle To Strength” on Friday, October 30th, 2020. This event will be held at Greater Works COGIC in Asheville, NC with guest speakers and giveaways. “From Struggle To Strength” is a chronicle of Marquita’s life in the cycle of domestic violence relationships and her escape plan to achieve happiness and fulfillment.

“From Struggle To Strength” can be purchased on

About From Struggle To Strength (FS2S)

From Struggle To Strength is a registered non-profit organization in Columbia, South Carolina. Feel free to email or call 803.814.4749.

The Executive Director of From Struggle To Strength, Marquita Nesbitt, is a new author and successful mother from Asheville, North Carolina. She currently lives in Columbia, South Carolina with her two sons, Kenneth and Isaiah. She is a Domestic Violence Survivor and advocate for every woman that suffers in silence.

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