Glen Kincaid

Glen Kincaid owner of Phone Tech 4 Hire

The information age has led to an explosion of personal electronic devices. Nearly every American has some type of personal electronic device. including laptops, tablets and smartphones. But when these devices break down, who do you call to fix it? Call Glenn Kincaid of Phone Tech 4 Hire.

Glenn Kincaid is a native of Philadelphia. When he was a youngster, his parents moved to the Columbia area in search of a better life. Glenn attended Lower Richland High School, where he graduated in 2003.

After graduation, Kincaid enrolled in Midlands Technical College, studying Graphic Communications and Business Marketing.

“My first love was always graphic and design,” Kincaid says. “I am a freelance graphic designer as well. But in school, they tried to steer me into a direction that I didn’t want to go, which was more to the print side of things. So I decided to get away from that.”

After completing his degree, Kincaid did freelance graphic design work. Eventually, a friend encouraged him to get into the electronics industry.

“A friends of mine, Joseph Bolt, got me interested in working for Radio Shack,” Kincaid said. “We were both techie-nerdy types. He said ‘You already know this stuff. You might as well take a chance on selling it.’”

So in 2008, Kincaid began working for Radio Shack, working in retail management. A short time later, he managed a Sprint store. After that, he got a job working for Alltel until the company was purchased by Verizon. He didn’t want to transition to Verizon, so Kincard used his business and technical expertise to launch a mobile-repair business. Phone Tech 4 Hire was born.

“I started at a mom-and-pop setup on Decker Boulevard,” Kincaid recalled. “I partnered with them to do their repairs.”

As time went on, Kincaid partnered with more and more cellular and electronic stores, providing their customers with expert electronic repairs.

“They take in the electronics, I repair it, bring it back and they return it to their customers – or they refer them straight to me,” said Kincaid. “I have nine stores in Columbia that I work with.”

Initially, Kincard focused mostly on cell phone repairs. Today, he repairs just about every type of electronic item.

“I work on every type of smartphone,” said Kincaid. “We do screen repair, charging port repair, battery replacements, camera repair and replacements, frame replacements, custom housings – as long as we can get the parts, we can do the repair. We do the same for tablets and iPads.”

But those aren’t the only items that Phone Tech 4 Hire repairs.

“I also do a lot of soldering work, which gets me into clipper repair for barbers,” Kincaid says. “We do computer repairs – older models, newer models – if we can get the parts, we can do the repair. We do LCD replacements, keyboard repair, hard drive upgrades, memory upgrades, virus scans and cleans – a little bit of everything.”

Phone Tech 4 Hire also repairs Apple TV units, remote controllers, digital cameras, camcorders, and projectors – everything except televisions.

Kincaid says that his long-term plans are to expand his business to cover more territory.

“One of my main goals is to have a team of techs beneath me so that I can delegate and cover more ground,” Kincaid said.

When asked why he has been successful, Kincaid says its because he provides great customer service.

“We are known for providing quality work, good turn-around times, and customer service,” said Kincaid. “We let our customers know that we care about them and that we are here to help anyway we can.”

Phone Tech 4 Hire is located at 1202 Sunset Boulevard in West Columbia. It is open Monday-Friday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., and Saturday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. If you can’t drop off items at that location, call Kincaid for a drop-off location near you. Kincaid can be reached at is (803) 479-6525. Follow the company on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram at PHONETECH4HIRE.

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