Chasity Thomas

While some may strive for perfection, few actually achieve it. Chasity Thomas is the only Richland School District Two senior in the Class of 2019 to maintain a perfect school attendance record. She has not missed a single day of school in 12 years. The South Carolina Department of Education is recognizing her for perfect attendance from first through 12th grade. Thomas spent all of this time in Richland Two classrooms at North Springs Elementary, Summit Parkway Middle and Ridge View High schools.

Admittedly, getting up and going to school for Thomas was not always easy. “My parents would say come on Chasity you have to go to school; you can bundle up for the cold or grab a raincoat and umbrella for rainy days. Some days I would get to school and wish my friends were there with me,” said Thomas.

Thomas says she has always been very healthy and did not have to miss days because of illness. In fact, she spent many of her school days exercising and learning how to take care of her body. “I completed all three years of the Get Fit Magnet Program at Summit Parkway and all four years of the Allied Health Sciences Magnet Program at Ridge View,” said Thomas. She is leaving high school with credentials as a Certified Nursing Assistant. Thomas plans to attend Lander University in the fall and study nursing.

Her mom, Charlonda Thomas says, “We are very proud of Chasity for accomplishing this rare feat. Her determination and dedication will continue to help her achieve greatness.”

Thomas is one of 61 seniors in South Carolina to achieve perfect attendance throughout their entire academic career. Each South Carolina school year consists of 180 days, which means Thomas and the other students being honored have been present for 2,160 days.

She will receive a letter from the State Superintendent of Education and a certificate honoring her achievement. She will also receive honors during the Senior Assembly, Friday, May 24 at 9 a.m. at Ridge View High School located at 4801 Hard Scrabble Road. The Ridge View High School Class of 2019 graduates Wednesday, June 5 at noon at the Colonial Life Arena.

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