Town of Blythewood partners with Barron Academy to provide Leadership Classes to elementary students

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Blythewood partners with Barron Academy

Blythewood Town Councilman Malcolm Gordge addresses the students.

The Town of Blythewood has graciously partnered with Barron Academy to provide a youth leadership program for students at Langford Road Elementary.

Barron Academy is a local firm that is not only a leading provider of afterschool childcare services, but a committed supporter of student learning and leadership development. Through the Emerging Leaders Institute (ELI), students will develop leadership skills to prepare them for their futures as productive, contributing citizens in our communities. ELI provides engaging activities through its six-week curriculum, which is designed to detour and modify inappropriate behavior, and encourage students to make good choices. The Emerging Leaders Institute affords the youth in Blythewood an opportunity to participate in effective, evidenced-based intervention that not only provides the social and life skills needed to cultivate young leaders for success, but also develops skills needed to be an “emerging leader”. The program culminates with an individual presentation and service-learning project.

The Emerging Leaders Institute hosted its initial session with fourth and fifth grade students on Friday, November 1, 2019. Prior to the sessions, the students were greeted by Mayor Mike Ross, Town Council Members, and Dr. Baron Davis, Superintendent .

We encourage you to visit Barron Academy’s website,, where you will find information pertaining to the company and programs offered.

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