Many of you have said that you haven't seen the Columbia Branch NAACP doing anything in the community. What you don't understand is that not everything that happens needs to be put out front, blatantly seen or even announced. I am the president of the Columbia SC Branch of the NAACP, and I can tell you that the Columbia Branch is doing a phenomenal job! We currently have 20 plus working committees and they are working tirelessly in the community.

We have boots on the ground and we supported all of the protests that marched to the state capital after the tragic death of George Floyd, including the Million Man March and others. The Criminal Justice Committee and Legal Redress Committees are working with the sheriff's department and the Columbia police department to implement drastic changes in how law enforcement is interacting with us, the black and brown people of the community that they serve. We are not partying and having BBQS, we are in the community passing out masks, hand sanitizers, and gloves in the 29203, 04, 05 and 10 areas of Columbia.

We are registering people to vote on college campuses, street corners, barbershops, and grocery stores. We have a strategy to get people to the polls to vote on election day. We are mobilizing churches and private individuals to provide transportation to and from the polls. The Political Action Committee is carefully monitoring the legal aspects of the polls as well to make sure that no foul play happens.

On Saturday, October 24th, 2020 the Young Adult Committee, headed by William Saunders, will be hosting a peaceful march to the capital to reiterate that we can come together and take action peacefully. Our Youth Council (ages 8 to 20) are making themselves heard by hosting voter registrations, health initiatives, and youth engagement activities in the community. They are passionate about their future.

Shakira Shirer, the Youth Committee President, attends and speaks at many youth functions encouraging our community youth to speak up and be a part of the solution.

It takes time for change to happen. You have to have a plan, not just jump on the smoking train and say the words. We have done so much more that we don't have time to or the space to list it all. Attending meetings, chairing a committee, volunteering your time and money is what makes things happen and change. Join us and become activists in the fight for equality, justice for all, and diversity.

NAACP doesn't just mean Black people. We are an organization for all colors and we have to come together in order for change to truly happen.

If you aren't a member, join today at Don't just look from without, come in and be a vital part of the change that is happening!

Our office is located at 1615 Pickens St. Call us at 803-256-8117.

Oveta Glover is President/CEO of the Columbia NAACP.

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