Columbia (SC) City Councilman Sam Davis announces his retirement from city government.

After nearly two dozen years of service on Columbia City Council, Sam Davis has announced that he is retiring at the end of his term.

Davis has represented District One since 1998.

Davis announced his retirement during a press conference in City Hall Chambers on January 27.

Davis was elected to replace former District One councilman Luther Battiste, who retired after representing that district for 15 years.

“Luther was a giant, a strong advocate for District One,” Davis recalled during his retirement announcement. “When decided to run for District One, I thought that those were some large shoes to fill. But I also thought that I could make a contribution and make a difference.”

Davis said that the citizens of District One in North Columbia felt that their needs were being ignored at the expense of other sections of the city. He said that he made it his mission to be an advocate for the North Columbia community.

“The city was making tremendous investments in The Vista, Five Points, the University of South Carolina and the surrounding areas. But District One and North Columbia was left out. The mission was to fill those gaps and see that needs were addressed,” Davis said.

Davis touted his efforts to address District One’s needs, such as the $50 million project to upgrade streets in North Columbia.

“That was not an easy job,” Davis said. “We had to make several trips to Washington to secure those dollars.”

Other highlights Davis cited was the $5 million project to improve the water system in the Earlewood neighborhood, the $2 million project to improve business facades on North Main Street, $2 million project to upgrade Greenview Park, $1 million project to upgrade Hyatt Park, the recreation center on Busby Street, and plans to renovate the Farrow Road corridor.

Davis said that he will spend the remainder of his term working to address food deserts, affording housing and getting banks to loan money to minority businesses in North Columbia. His term ends on December 31, 2021.

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