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South Carolina man to serve on National League of Cities’ Community and Economic Development Committee

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Steve Cain

Steve Cain is a member of the Batesburg-Leesville City Council


Councilman Steve Cain, Batesburg-Leesvile, SC, has been appointed to the National League of Cities (NLC) 2020 Community and Economic Development (CED) federal advocacy committee. This committee has the lead responsibility for developing NLC’s federal policy positions on issues involving housing, community and economic development, land use, recreation and parks, historic preservation and international competitiveness. The appointment was announced by NLC President Joe Buscaino, councilmember, Los Angeles, California.

“I am proud to represent the greater Batesburg-Leesville community nationally as a member of the National League of Cities 2020 Community and Economic Development (CED) federal advocacy committee,” says Councilman Cain. “Serving on the Small Cities Council last year was edifying ... I hope to apply that experience to this new appointment and I look forward to working on the national stage and sharing vital information with my new Council colleagues, I am confident that we can bring some new money and some innovative initiatives to our community”.

As a committee member, Councilman Cain will play a key role in shaping NLC’s policy positions and advocate on behalf of America’s cities and towns before Congress, with the administration and at home.

“NLC’s federal advocacy committees ensure policymakers in Washington understand the most pressing issues facing local communities,” said Joe Buscaino, council-member of Los Angeles, California, and president of the National League of Cities (NLC). “I am proud to have Councilman Cain join NLC's Community and Economic Development committee on behalf of his residents. Together, with a team of local officials from across the country, we will strengthen the federal-local partnership, and ultimately create stronger cities, towns and villages.”

The leadership of this year’s committee will consist of Chair Kevin Thompson, Councilmember, Mesa, Arizona, Vice Chair Kristopher Dahir, Councilman, Sparks, Nevada, and Vice Chair Emmett Jordan, Mayor, Greenbelt, Maryland.

For more information on NLC’s federal advocacy committees, visit:

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