Growing up, whenever we felt a tingle in our noses or an elevated temperature on our foreheads with the back of our hands, or fibbed about our symptoms to play ‘hooky’, we found a way to take a day off. We sometimes exhibit those same tendencies in adulthood. We take the minor setbacks of life and create enlarged copies of them in order to satisfy our comfort, but sometimes the challenge is to see if we can push through and keep going. Even on the days when we do not feel our best, how can we push beyond our limits to see what we can withstand?

Like you, Chadwick. A noble man who gave us history-defining performances year after year while staring face-to-face with your own battle with colon cancer. To think, you were dealing with this battle while giving the world T’Challa. Specifically in the black community, Black Panther sent shock waves of pride and inspiration when we needed it most, ranging from individuals young to old, because of your representation. Not to mention your fearlessness in your embodiment of other Black historical figures like Thurgood Marshall, Jackie Robinson, and James Brown. Through each performance, you planted seeds of your powerful impact in our hearts.

Chadwick Boseman

Chadwick Boseman

It is impossible for me to believe that you never took a day off. Like the rest of us, you were no well-oiled machine -- you were human. I am sure there were days you felt weary. Yet, through your weary days, we never heard you complain. You lit up the world with your strength.

Your fight was silent, but your character was loud and clear.

Your heroism spanned beyond the screen. You led by example, showing us how to push beyond our limits. How to get comfortable with being uncomfortable. How to navigate gracefully in the midst of adversity.

While the world mourns over your loss, your spirit will grant us peace. Many thanks to you, Chadwick. Your legacy will live on forever.

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