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NAUW Women help to bring hope to Kenya

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Members of NAUW Women traveled to Kenya

Members of the National Association of University Women recently completed a tour of missionary duty in Kisumu, Kenya. Doretha Walker Thompson, member of the Columbia Branch of NAUW, Eula Carroll, President of the Atlanta Branch, along with Vanetta Jackson and a delegation of mission-minded women traveled to the continent of Africa to bring life, hope, healthcare and Christian values to orphans, street boys and vulnerable children of small villages in Kenya.

This delegation of Missionaries was lead by Michael Agwanda, Founder of the Life for Children Ministry(LCM). During their tour, the women were instrumental in providing some basic necessities of life: food, clothing, health care, education and spiritual nourishment to aid the orphans to enable them to have a better and more productive life.

Thompson, a retired science and biology teacher, observed that, “Thousands of children live in homes with no adults present, and they continually struggle to find food to survive, however, in spite of these obstacles, the children are appear happy and eager to learn.”

Missionary Michael noted that the orphans currently in enrolled in the LCM program are very appreciative of the assistance they receive. He expressed that without the support of these American Missionaries, “The orphans would have

limited or no future.”

Among the many activities the Missionaries provided were; snacks of milk and bread to the street boys, visits to the slums to give messages of hope and they helped toserve the children the weekly meals.

The delegation of Missionaries also met with the students and teachers and spent several days teaching and helping students prepare for pending science and math tests. Carroll, who is a retired nurse, used her expertise to assist with hygiene and healthcare of the children.

The Missionaries contribute much of the productivity and success of this important mission to the support, encouragements, and donations received from their churches, families and friends.

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