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The Kickoff of Peeka - Virtual Reality: The Nation’s First

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AEC Virtual Reality

The Antioch Educational Center (AEC) is proud to announce the nation’s first district wide kickoff of Peeka Virtual Reality Learning Tool. The designers of Peeka: Hunter Stutsman, Alex Comfortes, Michael Wong, and AEC have mutually agreed to launch this innovative learning tool in the Jasper County School District (JCSD) on December 4, 2018.

"Peeka is the mobile platform where children's books come to life in virtual reality. On Peeka, virtual reality children's books enable kids to let their favorite stories happen to them. Our mission together with publishers, parents, and schools is to increase students' reading comprehension, retention, and engagement by reading books on Peeka,” stated Hunter Stuntsman, VP of marketing for Peeka. Please check out more on Peeka at"

The nearly 300 first grade students of JCSD’s Ridgeland and Hardeeville Elementary Schools will be the recipients of the Peeka learning instrument. Each one of Jasper County’s first grade students will be instructed on how to use the Peeka tool in coordination with the book, Farful Foolong from Oolong Panshoo & the Grey Bubble Goo.

“We are elated that our children, in the Jasper County School District, will be the first school district in the nation to officially receive this dynamic learning device,” stated Jackie O’Bannon, Executive Director of Antioch Educational Center. “We (AEC) have literally stalked, bugged, and even at times annoyed the designers of Peeka ever since we first learned of the possibility that the JCSD could or may be the official launching pad for Peeka.”

“Jasper County School District is very excited to continue our partnership with Antioch Educational Center. It is partnerships, as such, that provide endless possibilities for our scholars in Jasper County to grow intellectually and become better students. We are humbled to be the first school district in the state and the nation to launch Peeka. We are grateful to the Antioch Educational Center for considering to partner with our district on behalf of our students, and we are just as grateful to the anonymous funders who are funding this magnificent opportunity for our students. Further, we look forward to working with the founders of Peeka to ensure a successful launch of what we believe will be a beneficial tool to assist our students and district with a focus on literacy,” stated Dr. Rechel Anderson.

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