Benedict Students ‘Go High’!

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Letter to the Editor

Over the course of the weekend, I have been thrilled by local and national news stories that have captured the maturity, focus, and positive energy of Benedict College students.

From the excited NAACP student on the local news discussing the voting awareness and registration initiative of #BCVotes to the SGA President echoing the same message. Benedict students understand the necessity of reserving judgement while listening to both sides of a debate or argument and know that it is the only way to offer a critical response. They know that is the best way to hold elected leaders accountable.

When a news reporter tried to ‘catch’ a young collegiate off-guard on national television about the 'lynching' comment made by President Trump, the student said, with sound resolve, that Benedict students ‘go high’. This does not grant an excusal to the insensitive comment as an apology is still warranted as well as a need to be cognizant of such behavior so that it is avoided in the future. However, I applaud the students for remaining focused and poised throughout this process.

Benedict students have continually demonstrated what a few others have not: a focused eye on the 2020 elections where more than 30% of the electorate will be Millennial and Gen Z voters! Hats off to President Artis and my faculty colleagues- a lot of great things are happening at Benedict College!


Shaneen Corujo, PhD, LPC

Assistant Professor of Psychology

College of Arts and Sciences

Criminal Justice Administration and Social Science Department

Benedict College

1600 Harden Street

Columbia, SC 29204

Phone: (803) 705-4673

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