One of the things that I love doing is seeking out opinions different from my own. I have always believed that you don’t learn anything if you only from one side. Last Friday was a perfect example.

First, I attended a meeting with an organization that is hosting a series of meetings focusing on Medicare for All. This organization supports eliminating private health insurance and placing every American on a single-payer system. They are hosting a forum on Medicare for All on Thursday, February 13 at Brookland Baptist’s Conference Center. We urge everyone to attend to learn more about this important issue.

About an hour later, I attended a lecture hosted by USC featuring Steve Forbes, publisher of Forbes Magazine. I am a long-time subscriber of the popular business magazine, and because of the major changes going on in the publishing industry, my survival compels me to study how other media companies like Forbes adapt and survive.

Unfortunately, Forbes did not lecture on the publishing business. The subject of his lecture was capitalism vs. socialism. More specifically, he used the health care industry and the educational system to argue that the free market (millions of people making decisions in their own best interests) is better than trusting government experts to make decisions for them.

I enjoyed the information from both events. I really got a lot out of hearing different perspectives on important issues.

The only thing that would have been better is as if Steve Forbes and the Medicare For All people were debating on the same stage. America would greatly benefit from having both sides on discussing the issues instead of issuing sound bites.

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