Letter to the Editor 

When will it become apparent to some black Americans that neither political party cares enough about the issues that we care about or, at least, they pretend to care about them? Are we so naïve that when we collectively cast a majority vote for a winning Democratic candidate, we have such high expectations of that person only to be saddled with empty promises and “feel good” speeches filled with more lies and empty promises? Why do black Americans keep falling for this political con game? 

If we are not careful, blacks who blindly vote democratic will eventually end up like the Trump base of the Republican Party. Their cult-like behavior and devotion are to one man, Trump, and to one political party, the Republican Party. Many black Americans display their cult-like behavior by spreading their support and loyalty to one party, the Democratic Party, and to a variety of democrats who promise the world but deliver extraordinarily little.  

The democrats controlled the House and Senate for the first time since 2011. In 2011, former President Obama made significant accomplishments during his first term in office, but Moscow Mitch and the rest of his Republican cronies derailed or obstructed every piece of legislation he tried to pass. And of course, life in America changed forever when Trump was elected President in 2016. Sure, the twice impeached President and his scandal-ridden presidency continued to have the support of Moscow Mitch and the Republicans continued to pass legislation that benefitted the rich and their warped ideological interests.  

Then there was the insurrection at the Capitol and the fabrication of the “Big Lie.” The allegations of voter fraud and that the Presidential election was stolen from Trump continued to steamroll across America as lunatic southern Republican state legislators and governors frantically passed hundreds of voter suppression laws. Why? Because former President Trump and millions of white Americans could not accept the fact that millions of black and brown voters voted in record numbers in the 2020 Presidential election to make Trump a one-term President. Also, white Republican politicians cannot live with the fact that their majority status had eroded, and their waning political power was now spiraling out of control. 

The Democrats cannot match the boldness displayed by the obstructionist Republicans. Why do the Democrats allow such brazen abuse of power by Republicans to go unpunished? And, when the Dems decide to do something, they want to ask for permission from the Republicans for God's sake! The Dems political correctness horrifies me! Senator Joe Manchin pretends to work towards bipartisanship. The Justice Department is skittish about cleaning the house of Trump appointees at the Justice Department and is pretending that nothing is happening with voter suppression, the rise of white supremacy groups, and is reluctantly using its power to aggressively fight racial injustices.  

As a black American, I cannot emphatically label myself as a Democrat or a Republican. The Dems seem weak whenever they must deal with the fanatic, abrasive, and delusional behavior of the Republicans. They are like a deer caught in the headlights of a car. Panic-stricken and slow to take action to match the craziness of a divided Republican party that has no moral compass or a shred of human decency. A segment of white America has anointed Trump as their “Great White Hope.” Republican politicians use his base to create talking points like culture wars, rigged voting machines, voter fraud, and conspiracy theories about the election being stolen. On the other side of the coin, the Democrats are split between confused moderate Democrats who are more concerned about appeasing Republicans than supporting democratic legislation that many Americans support. The Progressive wing of the Democratic party is labeled “socialists” by fanatical Republicans who want to destroy our democracy and make Trump, or one of his copycat surrogates, the autocratic leader of the United States. With all the craziness that is going on in both political parties, I asked myself this question: “Where is the outrage from the other half of white America who wants to save our democracy?” I do not see millions of white folks marching on Washington in protest of voter suppression or how Republicans are devising legislative schemes to steal elections to ensure victories for Republican candidates.  

My message to white Americans who care about saving our democracy is simply this: “Don’t delay trying to save our democracy because you think voter suppression laws, political gerrymandering, and blatant schemes to steal local, state, and Presidential elections by the Republican party are only going to have an impact on black and brown people.” The devious actions of the Republican party are going to have an impact on every American. Let us show a sense of urgency to take action to save our democracy by any means necessary. 

Get Woke America! If we are caught napping, we have no one to blame but ourselves for not caring enough about saving our democracy. 

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